Your life is not a competition with others (Thought for the Day)

Mathan, was a manager working in a private office. He was well paid. He had own house, car and  some inherited property. He had one son studied medicine and another son  studied engineering. But he always thought of something as a flaw. When asking "How are you?",  his answer was "something is" and "Life is running somewhat". He often used "what to do" and "what to say". So he was be teased in the office as "what to Mathan". One day the management appointed a new General manager over him. He was younger than Madan but higher in salary which still irritated Mathan. Thus he was unable to concentrate at the time. He made a lot of mistakes and caused some losses to the organization. He got angry with everyone in the office. Suddenly one day the management dismissed him from the job.  The income was gone. No matter how much savings and property he had, losing his job and salary made him depressed. Lost sleep for several days. As his body and mind was suffered very much, he approached a psychiatrist on the advice of his family doctor. 

The disease he had was an expression of a competitive attitude that compared him to those who had more wealth than himself. He never thought of those below him.

Many today are dissatisfied with their competitive attitude towards those who are superior to them. Many people live to show their luxury and are not live with a content life. They are carrying the load of future life in the present life. They are not living as human being rather they are displaying themselves as a “Showcase Dummy” and a “Brand Banner Board”

“If you faint in the day of adversity, Your strength is small.” (Proverbs 24:10)

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