You will shower Thy grace O' Lord

Lord! to this world

You will shower Thy grace!

The world will be revived - living

things will be survived

The land will prosper and will

treat water purer

Stopping air pollution - Season

stay tuned for time

The course of the river is plentiful

Its waste will decrease

Conserve natural resources

For the coming generation

Dominance of artificiality will disappear

The lush greenery rises

Luxury desires perish - here

Lots of essentials cherish

Agriculture will flourish to feature

Hunger will be eradicated here

Protect withering lives that

plea living without poverty

Looking for peace of mind

All work by sharing the need

Food clothing and shelter must be

found by everyone

Feeling of humanitarian and the

Freedom to anyone

Adulteration to be eliminated

And dignified trade will take place

Need to have good medicine - in it

necessity is integrity and honesty

Humanity will thrive in the soil to

honor man with due respect

Our education has to teach it – in which

over business purpose is to be lost

Justice will prevail everywhere

Prolonged corruption will be eradicated

Caste-based racism in everything

Will die without noise

Discrimination need to fly

The proletariat will rise

Division of caste will break - here

De living man will unite

Famine will run rampant

Enmity and war will fall

Refugees will find retreat

Violent violence will end

Proliferation of weapons will end - good

Power to produce will increase

Unending fights will finish

Unity will rise flourish

Poverty will not mean screwing up

Partaking wealth with the poor

Consoling power in anyone will rise up

Comfort seekers will get poured

Deception will fade into thought

There must be truth in the word

Love blossoms in the heart

Increase linear thinking

Lonely children in the soil – will

live with love and dignity

The oppressed will stand to rule

Those who are crippled will fill

Suppression everything will derail

Standing will be in way of love

Oppression will perdure never

Over-whelming arrogance will bow

The folly will be ended anywhere

Pollution will fade in the minds

The duty will be realized to work

Too have the control in it

Evil rule will disappear

The tyrants will fall

The law is the same for anyone

Justice will be set as alike

The thieving crowd will reformed

Arrogant’ s arrogance will regret

The ignorant people will change

The cruel regime will be changed

The good will rule the world

The helpless will be rejoiced

People who don’t have, will get it

This will abolish the imbalance

Opinions of the Rulers will be

Observed N’ conducted by Thee

Prolonged rule of law and justice

Provided by Thee to all of us.

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