You know my need before I realise

O' My Lord! my God!.......... I still can’t pay gratitude for

I got many from you so far

More again to ask you further

My heart is afraid however

Earth, Sun and celestial sphere

earnestly by you created were

Further to understand that, you have

finely fitted senses in man Thy fave

Thee exalted man heaping his highness

though, gave decrees not to cross lines

Even in the birth you gave the birthright

evangelically to know Thee better right

When born and raised, you are protecting

without our path and mind got distracting

Thee keep the man not to forget you

though by nature of his forgetting too

Evenmore you will give us heavenly life

enduring in bliss even when we die in rife

To explore in the insight you opened up

the eyes of knowledge in man to rise up

You also tolerated mistakes that we

yield unknowingly even if brat to see

You have built the beauty natures as

Love, affection, friendship and grace

You share to men the pretension of praise

You gave which to the Angels and Saints

In both pleasure and suffering you imposed

infinite mercy that makes us to be composed

To feel the truth of that you placed

the wisdom in depth which is pleased

All my needs you know the One who

astonishingly created me and cares too

In my hurry even if I am lamenting,

Is there dearth in Thy grace anything?

O’ Lord my Leader who alone doeth

over my desires whenever in beneath

I’ll keep myself rest and peace as

indeed hiding myself in your hands

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