You are my desire O' Lord (Poetry)

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

I called you O’ Lord To seek peace in mind Who else is in the World  Other than You who’s kind? You are the ocean of support  I yearn and seek with purport  Greater is Thy mercy than anything That, Why this sinner is not thinking  No doubt,  I’m falling unto Thy feet Instead of living as your slave in feat  I don’t desire to live comfortably  By clinging human hands supportably  As our lives runs as creek Earthly pleasures is to seek  You are as the only Panacea   Come to heal our fatal mania   Is Ocean larger to Thy mercy? Is wind stronger to Thee mighty? Can the sky spread unreachable be Even like to the least of Thy fame I’m shorter in wisdom and skill There’s a screech in my mind still  With evil mind and swear verses  I was confused without manners  As I’m the inmate inside prison of Sins Screamed in the event of stranded fins I agonized like boiling water in heat  It’s become a dry hot summer street It’s True! The Creator of all By thy Grace,  all are possible Willingly reforming us everyday  Thee art  the Eternal Father I pray Thy grace is within the pure mind  The time it surrounds forth N behind The Sins will be destroying died  I will serve and worship every day Even any Army or united enmity gather though they came against me together Although the trial is convoyed by pain I'm not tired,  I have your compassion The Barrier will be broken – greater  Hostility and snare will be loosen  The jaws of the foes will be broken  On the event of my Savior defends As like a ship knowing not course  I was raged stuttering,  of course  When the evils of wicked surround me  Indeed, You saved my life rushing to me When I was withered for a companion When all my strengths were weaken  You came to me as a Pillar, Fire Pillar You, the Holy One became my helper   O’ Breeze! Lovely and sweet breeze! Your grace is the clear honey elixir  My mind is cool when I seek Thy grace The father, you who comforts blister   More than the mother who bears the dearer  More than the father who carries in shoulder  More than the love of spouse in longing  The boundary of your love is extending  I’ve become the rug of old wear I was a scorn of those who’re near  Why does my life with full of flaws  just only excrete waste flows? You’ve tested me up like gold I’ll wear your grace like guard   As the treasure in the vault  You will bless me in days ahead   I’ve no need for golden attires  No need for the praise of admirers Not popularity, Land and jumble  But, as for me your feet is ample 

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