Who is the real Owner? (Thought for the day)

He is a very rich man and very generous-minded. He had a lot of assets, orchards, gardens, cattle ranches, and fields. He had many employees to work with. In order to expand his business in another City, he called all his servants and said, "I leave all my possessions in this town to you. Maintain them properly and share equally the benefits that come from them." The days went by.  Some of the servants are more powerful and cunning than others. First they brought other workers under their control. They then divided the portion of the total property as they saw fit and made it their properties. The workers were tortured for lower wage. A discrimination was made against everyone in income. Then they reduced the areas of everything under their control such as gardens, orchards, fields, and cattle farms, and built houses and factories on the land. Then there is a business competition started among them, so that they set up fences around for security and multiplied security equipments. They grabbed the income of the workers and spent money on security from it. A lot of money was spent on destructive work rather than creative work that day.  A competitive attitude was also developed among the employees. Some become corrupted and looted other's money. Thus they spoiled all that what real owner gave them. The boss, who had been patient to see this for several days, one day got angry and drove them all out of his hometown. Thus, natural resources are being plundered in the name of economic competition in this world. Weapons are being multiplied for destructive power in the name of security. Competitiveness is being created among the people and more and more ups and downs are being created. Without love, arrogance prevails and humanity is dying. “May man not spoil what the Lord has given !!"

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