Use me Lord

Use me O’ Lord!Use me

Use me after cultivating

Astonishingly use me

Austerely use me

People who seek material and

Pride say “Time is not enough”

People loved to seek grace say

“Prepare, Time is nearest”

All of the days gone by in vain

As a futile and crime it is

Honey-speaking relationships themselves

Will come looking and mocking

Winking as I have enough time

Waited with no reason

Fink am I to others to mime

Finding a ridiculous slander

Will stand to blame my attitude

Will accumulate to complain

Spill useless advices to me in the

sign of relative and friend

Some will say inferiority complex

Since I lift up myself

Some will say superiority complex

Since I humble myself

As I do not know my mind

Anyone else know me?

Ye’ I am your craft kind

You know the truth in me

Relationships wish my inferiority

Relatives of relative wish my distress

Reason behind that I look at is what

Realized myself my attitude is that

Looking back on my life

Luring to edit is useless

Future I desired a lot to design

Flopped wasteful as passed

Days were gone and the people too

Despite I just stood sluggish

Days on the search of people

Down I went calm dubious

I Counted my days back

Anything missing mass

Don’t want to be in an adverse

declared The Lord is the source

I didn’t like oppression and repression,

not condensed by men’s negligence.

Who can give what you intended to prevent,

can prevent what you thought to give?

Than you who knew me better than I did

I have no choice in the world

You can do innumerable things to me that

I have the way to get it in a lot

No mind to worry

The keeper is always Thee

I am eagerly looking for you

It must be the joyful move

When I live in your grace

I felt inner strength

When I fell being faulted

I realized being flouted

Great is neither material nor Gold

Gaining pride and relatives too

Greater is thy grace alone for me

Thy servant you will use free

Worthless and not a slave to men

Work not by my hand but Thee

Worked all that known to everyone

Work of thy pagination O’ Potter!

Everything is still there for me though

I'm looking for something

Like an uneducated seeking to learn

Yet not found treasure in search

Shape me as per your will

Stretch me to your feet

Hug me comfort fully all days

Healed by thy mercy and grace

Do not leave me on my own

Don’t let me a burden to Thee

As politely as you wish from me

to follow thee, O’ Lord Use me

When Love Dries Up - Justice

        and the grace is cut off

Violence is often slandered

Use me as thy sword

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