Two ways before us

Updated: May 8

There are two ways before us What is good, the mind knows One way is created by God’s will Another one is chosen by own will

God said you can eat fruits of any trees, Except the fruits of the forbidden free. Silly eagerness tempted them to sin. That made them to feel physical pain

God says you can go this way I made Except the way in that you’ll be strayed Choice is yours to select as per the mind Consequences will be on what you bind

All that seen to our eyes baste Pleasures that we seek to taste But once we tasted it’s a drug Making us to lie down as rug

The way God proposes to us Is narrow with little pleasures But it’ll lead us to sustain In which HE will maintain

The way the World proposes Is too broad to find many poses If we want to be one of the poses, This life and next will be chaoses

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