The World is the largest family

The world's the largest family - in

That all lives are members 

Though are in huge numbers 

The Lord is the Preserver

Family head  is the Lord

Find we nothing short 

Food for withering creatures

He is the giver to all surplus 

Nature is the ornament of household

The Lord has decorated this World

This world without nature is like 

The body lost its breathe strike 

The World isn’t an asset of human 

T’s  common to all lives groan 

O’ unruly men for your interest

Is it the way to destroy forest?  

For every creature to stay in  

The Lord had set up lodging 

Yet in your unlimited greed

You are destroying their abode

If you destroy the forest, where 

In the lives can see shelter ?

They will come into the countries

Thus environment goes haunts  

O Men! You will feel

Others too need to live

To live alone as your own haven 

The wealth of the World isn’t given 

Looting the need of other’s necessity

Looking is for your something luxury? 

By destroying the farmed lands

Business that you need in sand?

Freshwater and the hygienic air,

Environment is the right of all

In the maniacal greed,  Why are 

You denying other’s birthright?

If the Lord is our Father,

Division is with us there - Why?

Dirty selfishness is everything

That spoiled equality in all things 

O’ Men!  The World is that God owns 

Don’t be deceived by your gluttonous 

Henceforth, The Lord won’t tolerate 

He will cut-off all your existing right

Time a lots teach us education – in 

Them,  we can see experience

If you diverge from the right path 

It will lose its patience, the earth

Eye-pleasing pleasures all seen 

If you wish to taste as a mean 

You will be seeing your end by  

Yet another not seen in the eye

When the belly of hungry is dry

Why are you proud of vain pride?

Letting the one who is hungry eat

Leave yourselves by sharing  glut 

Wealth will leave away from you

Vainglory will be vanished too 

Cemetery is the final place to go  

Coming not with you what you grow 

After enjoying what you see

A day will come not to see 

Whatever you owned and reigned

Will be owned by other after ruin 

In selfishness you’ve shriveled 

Interest of few people you drizzle

You disgusted brother as alien

You too insulted in arrogance 

Yet you’ve refused to feel that 

The Lord is our Father such that 

You deject those who’re meek 

You reject to accept them in peak 

Fire and water and land are advocates

Forth larger seas and wind are servants

To those who live as they desire 

The warning message will be severe

O’ Men! You will feel  pity  

Do not despise humanity

In the coming days, apart

You will change your heart

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