Take your ownership (For Children)

Updated: May 8

“Ownership”, “Responsibility”, “Accountability” are the difficult task as well as a challenging one as most of us in particular many youths are feared to accept even for a trial. Lars was a teenage boy attending school. His father Anderson served as a captain on a warship. Mother Evelyn worked as a doctor at a government hospital. From the young age, Lars never did any of his own work, was a perfect lazy guy. He was growing up very pet. He even forced his mother or housemaid to do his school assignments. The father used to come home only once in every six months or once a year. Once, his mother was ordered to go to London for her research study staying in London for two years. She arranged for him to stay in a hostel at the Military school and left for London. That military school hostel looked like hell to Lars, who grew up in the luxury of home. He was forced to do all his own work. He should get up early in the morning, take a bath, wash his clothes himself, clean his room, and eat at the right time, study and exercise. So many orders like this stunned him. Many times when he escaped from the hostel, trying to go to his cousin's house, he got caught and punished. Two years passed like this. Experiences in the hostel made him a new man. Everything he did in the hostel was duly observed at home. We also learn many lessons the practical experiences. Before that we live seeking the help of others without any sense of responsibility or duty consciousness. The attitude of accepting and apologizing even when we do something wrong sometimes goes away from us. This “failure to launch” trend is giving rise to the realization that young people today are feeling less and less prepared for the responsibilities of adulthood. At the same time, today’s kids from Generation Y and Generation Z still struggle with entitlement, believing that their parents or society owes a nice life to them. In this atmosphere where so many kids believe they are ready for a future they really know nothing about, I believe the single most important ingredient for maturity and leadership that parents can pass on is ownership. “Ownership” is the greatest gift we can utilise to develop our leadership skills. It plays a vital role in organisations or governance. Ownership is an advanced skill that helps in the below areas · To plan my or others objectives

· Decision Making

· To take wise attempts and innovation

· To curb our inferiority complex

· For a clear understanding & cooperation from peers

· To face challenges in dynamic environment & situation

· For the betterment of self & the dependents (per. or off)

· For accepting, correcting and controlling mistakes we made When some youth came to a managerial position in an organisation by hereditary succession or by chance or by influence or by nepotism, they are struggling to manage the people and the contingencies which they would have never faced in their life earlier. They have to dance according to the tune of his subordinates. The best ways that you can develop the “Ownership” skills are: · Do all your works at home and school

· Take the accountability of one month family budget

· (Bargaining / Buying & maintaining family expenses)

· Do a part time Job or Job on vacation

· Make a charity project, gather your friends, organise an event to collect fund for the charity)

· Make a group of children in your locality to discuss about the current politics, economy, science etc., and involve elders too.

· Travel through various remote areas, rural areas and get the experiences of their lives.

· Approach old people for their experiences, ideas and advices.

· Play a game of “Role task” with various services or industry segments and develop the leadership skills.

· Whenever you get any opportunity to innovate, don’t miss it.

· Keep a work chart for all the tasks you do.

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