Songs of Praise - Part 9 (Prayer of sufferer)

What can I write O’ Lord

What is your message to me?

Thought  I have a lots in vain

Though, I survived with Thy bain

I found neither peace nor cheers

In my mind it’s unrest or fears

Why you allowed me to suffer

When I depend you alone sure

Either my body  or mind I don’t know

Ever paining is my soul that you know

Long a time I’ve been in this torment

Longing every time for Thy treatment

I find no medicine to cure me up

Inspite  I made many trials given up

Tell me the cause that I have pain

Trust me that my faith goes no vain

You’ve fulfilled me by each goodness

Yet  I’m in need of Thy healingness

Rush to me O’ my  Lord to recover me

Rather, send Thy powerful word for me

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