Songs of Praise - Part 8 (God's will)

Behold, I am your slave

Lord accept me

Life I lived as something

You know why such that 

I didn’t know what your will is 

I didn’t learn anything your decrees 

In me there is duality in mind

In you change me as one mind 

To fulfill Thy will itself

I come with an open mind

Showing me your gracious gaze 

Servant as I am admit me O’ Lord

Dedicated all over me is

To the will of Thee my Lord

Work which is unimaginable 

Will you show before your servant

I surrender and serve to you

The only sanctuary to me is you

You have been with me as a fort 

You, be kind to me to proclaim that 

Command me the slave to act 

Complete will be life so that 

As I am Your hand tool 

Add me as an ideal congenital

Do not exclude me in the distance

I will come and follow you

Polish me to be pure silver

Proud I will be to be Thy footwear 

The days I lived were for me

The days I will live are yours

In deep silence myself the works

I will do is all for you

Like a trapped sheet in the storm 

Waveringly  I worked with strain

I handed over my life to you

I was safe by Thee not forsaken 

To your servant Thee command

To act eagerly  I let myself 

Like the string in the harp as you

Like you will play me sharp 

Bond N bail me up to serve Thee

Beside to work for others too

Thy gracious hand will come in relief 

Thus all my works will be in high value 

Lack of knowledge I am though,

You chose me gratifyingly

Without noticing itself wisdom

Whenever I need it  You give

You are the one who directs me

You direct me more throughout 

I gave myself up to Thee that 

I will have no single own desire 

It’s   your possession too

You will take full ownership

Thy own bonded property 

Thee will add me as an asset

Talk to your servant 

This ignorant will receive 

Blow your commands on me

Beg I to you to work hurry

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