Songs of Praise - Part 7 (Commandments)

Lord! Your command will lead Lighten will these my eyes The command of the Lord is mighty Thus the ignorant becomes wise The laws of the Lord are trustworthy Tis like a sword two sides sharp-edged Precious than the fine and pure gold  Pleasure is with my mind by that  God’s decrees are is consistent Glory and justice filled in it  God's judgments are pure Gladding  is heart of the lover Lord! if Your laws to me Let not give the pleasure, In my misery I would have died  It comforts me that I do not die You make me happy at your command In fact, they are the cure for me Your laws will guide me - it will Yield rewards for those who persevere Lord!  your word is lamp to my feet That too for my way is the light  Tis an elixir sweetening my mouth It is also a pupil for my eyes To keep the minds immaculate To gain the wisdom and knowledge  Qualities similar to the characters Quenching is through your words The commandments written by the Lord The people should follow properly The mind should be kept clean and shine The command is primarily as follows The Lord is one The other is none Except for worshiping the Lord Either worship will not be done Image, sculpture or portrait  Is not optimal on the worship  As in one the imageless Lord You will realize and pray insight  Fall your knees before the Creator You will leave the worship of creature  Sacred is the holy name of the Creator  Do not use it in futile The Sabbath was set for the Lord Let's set reserved the whole for him With the clean heart undefiled Worship the Lord on that day Father and mother is the Angels of God Fearful and humble heart You respect them Whatever the dishonor to them  Will you be subject to eternal reproach  Eroticism can ruin life Do not wander with pettiness With pleasure in your own love  Will you get the blessings of Lord The custody of the living are with Lord The rightful owner has no right to it Then, Who else  has the right to kill The killing of lives is the worse evil  Theft, bribery, corruption and scandal  The deadly images of animosity are  In the way of your unlimited greed It Is killed the right of others indeed Those who do these things are beasts The curse of deprived will fall on them  All that is added to the leftover  Are like the booty taken from poor Do not mix evil in the case Do not distort truth by lies  The trained fake witness will be  The victim to the justice of the Creator Do not do injustice in judgment Do not deny justice to the stranded When the Lord of Judgment arises Will they fall into abyss of horrors  Do not abuse power Do not be arrogant too Power is what set to support  Prevent selfishness in it Do not try to kill justice The God of justice will not tolerate Seeing the of weep of the destitute, Severe will be HIS wrath too  Do not desire to crave other’s spouse  So that do not attain inborn sin Other’s belongings whatever it is  Of a mind to grab them not  Do not deceive the life of the poor Do not despise humility to the simple The laborer needs to be paid - before the sweat of the labor is dried  You will support the orphan You will support the afflicted woman He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth He will give you treasure in the sky As you love yourself  As well you will love your neighbor  In both the present and the future The Lord is permanent  to us

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