Songs of Praise - Part 6 (Anoint me O' Lord)

Anoint me O’ Lord  Anoint me  Showering Thy grace - as Servant to you change me To remove the guilt that defiled youth To preclude the sins done so far To overcome the sludge of stealth   Anoint me with kindness To tell Thy message to the humble To proclaim the truth’s principle  All the duties of mine for Thee Anoint me to surrender utterly  To declare all your words To announce the day of salvation To those who are in slave of oppression To represent Thy message, Anoint me  To assert the year of the Lord To achieve comfort to fainting Throughout the universe Thy justice To be announced, anoint me  For the right to life the oppressed to get For content life of those who are stopped To get their growth in the land  To make me as Thy tool, anoint me  To appease those who are crying  To abusive that all are repressing  To uplift those who are falling  Thee anoint me desirably  To wear purity as an attire  To oppose the tort with dare  To root out the vicious things  God!  Anoint me  To listen to your speech To talk to you with privilege Putting Thy fire of word in my patois   Pour your grace to shine and rise  To obey your commandments  To serve you with my soul and spirit To elucidate all your decrees   Thy Holiness!  Anoint me  Giving me the revitalizing spirit Granting me the renewing spirit  Setting  a newly new mind in me  Shape me as a new creation  To repair the roughly way To straighten the path awry  To soften the tough minds Thoroughly Anoint me O’ Lord 

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