Songs of Praise - Part 5 (Faith)

Faith, Belief and Trust in God

Favorable way to better life are

Believers do not spoil though,

Best, I believe in the Lord first

Those who believe God won’t be deserted 

The Lord who protects  won’t be rested 

Search for Him in hope

Soon He will come N help

Faith of God is the ornament in life

Fortifies the heart as the root cliffs  

Even in the stagnation of tribulation

Ever keep your trust in God

How many generations those who

have relied on God alone were cheated?

How many have seen this generation

How the Lord the Lord protects  us

You will trust in the Lord

Yet another  is not worthy

The  mortal  men will change

Their promise will go fading stage 

The base of the Earth will be shaken

The flood of the oceans will be flown 

Thunders  will be rumbling inside the lobes

 Though,  I won’t be damaged due faith in Lord

The floodwaters pass over the bonce 

Thought will come to be as bareness 

The heart will be exhausted and tired

Though, I won’t be broken due to faith

When a thousand falls nigh

When fear arises in the mind

When healthy one is fallen sick

Will not lose my hope in the God

Despite many failures I faced 

Despite a lot of harassment

Even surrounded by cause of death

Ever and ever  I will have lot of faith 

Even when those I believed cheated me

Even when the narcissism laughed at me 

Even when pierced by arrowhead words 

Even more  I will rejoice in hope the Lord 

Whatever the circumstances is against 

Whenever the kinsfolks are not present

Even if the corruption shake and hurt 

Encouraged will be myself in the hope of God

Despite the love shown are thrown 

Despite the affection seems as delusion 

Although the sharp shaft makes harm 

Always  I’ll clamp at the faith of Lord 

Even if the planted  crop is destroyed

Even if justice goes wrong in the country

Even if the wealth gained  are lost

End of all, the enduring is hope of God

When the world and everything hates

Whatever the truth the World denies

Even when the rebels are on the rise

Every thought should declare faith 

For everyone, there is one period 

Fertile faith will bloom again      

All strength that will we gain 

Arrival of benefits will cast pain  

Trust in God in everything you do

Thus Let's do it before  Him 

Caring truth and honesty in work

Claiming we will be in the hope of God

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