Songs of Praise - Part 4 (Steadfast love)

What a steadfast love is yours

Which is boundless ever

Filled the Earth in major

The whole creative grandeur

God! Your steadfast love

Greater is that with no equal

Protecting rock is that

Pertaining to sinner too

Created the world is your love

Creatures are made in it

Variety of biodiversity were born

With your compassionate love

Bestowing Nature beautiful - in it

Pleasure is added by your love

Being and moving are by Thy Love

Rotating World too is by Thy Love

Giving air to breathe and the spread

Great oceans many to live is your Love

Lengthening the rivers bounty - in it

Life giving ensured by Thy Love

Created the land is by your love

Credited the earthly man with honor

Who was created in the soil

Who subdued the others by your love

Granting body and soul in which

Giving HIS breathe is Thy steadfast love

Created Fruits N vegetable with crops

Conserving all creatures is Thy love

Food, Clothing and shelter all that

Fully provided is your grandeur

Food that given to Angels too

Flourished to men by your love

Moral people in the land to

manipulate their lives in faith

Giving hope in ways many is the

Greatness of the Lord

In the state of slavery your

Israelites were redeemed

In the country of citizenship

Incubating is all by your love

Seeing low estate of the people

Suffering was your steadfast love

Virtually doing many mighty deeds

Victory was given from slavery

Miraculous things that was done

Magnificent deeds all that too

Through the naming of Judges

Trustfully conducted Thy people

Completed the last one to the first

Choosing him in the womb

Anointing the shepherd as your King

Appraised the people by your loving

Fulfilling the promise is by your love

Thy steadfast love is to comfort life

Giving inspiration is your grandeur

Great lively is Thy steadfast love

To a servant who wandered as a exile

To be astonished in the World, exalt

Them with abundance of wisdom is

Thy steadfast love given

Profuse patience is in your love

Pacifying wrath is your love

Though the human is emptiness

Thy Love never hates abstinence

In the life still I am alive

Is because of Thy love

In the food I eat my name

Is written by your concern

Waking up after snooze

Watched over by the Angels

Whatever the things hands do

Whole is blessed by Thy love

In any state of collapse

Is nearing your dearest

The days of mine shortened

Too is healed and extended

Even in my falling into the pit

Escalated me taking up right

Alike a ship the abyss was I am

Arrived destination by Thy love

Broken and twisted mind is

Being shaped loving bliss

Churning me up given me a

Charming contour is by your love

In the presence of my oppressor,

is leading me your steadfast love

Anyone who stops my growth is

Avoided in my way by Thy Love

Because of our culpability whatever

Being punishable suitably, in spite

For the sake of your steadfast love

Firmly we are alive

If Judgment is according to our sin

Is there anyone stand in Earth?

Your greatness is everywhere

Your steadfast love is filling World

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