Songs of Praise - Part 3 (Fear of God)

Fear of God is the fountain of wisdom,

The treasure that seekers reach.

Wealth added by straining of physique

Will not get superior than wisdom

Fear of God is a good tutor who teaches

Showing the way to get clarity

Projecting itself on its demand, after

Perceiving it gives benefits a share

Fear of God will bring completion

Realizing and delivering needs

Reacts to everything you do

Supporting on the wayward

Fear of God will remove evil

Fill the grace of God will

Wisdom in research and ruling

Will be curious to working in

Fear of God instills enlightenment

I will be warned by this

An undiminished knowledge will be

Attributed by wisdom to those who seek it

Fear of God is the crown jewel of life

Feels to be the pleasure-giving outfit

Free to come into as a splendid Patron

Flood of grace makes realizing the truth

Fear of God will guide in right ways

Finds fault in the event of evil ways

To live without staining of iniquities

The right it has to reprimand us

Those who seek wisdom are wise

His fame will remain in the World

And the power to touch the sky

Is what the wisdom gained by

Wisdom is more exquisite than pure gold

Precious stones are also irreplaceable

In the spoken language itself it speaks

In that the ignorance will also gain knowledge

Wisdom is creative

The wise will be exalted

The sky is not even its limit

To those who seek it is plunder

God’s beloved child is wisdom

Going beyond the era and time

It composes songs to Sing too

It controls hands to create new

Wicked one hates wisdom

With jealousy mind boredom

He says it is wise to make wealth

He also prices the value for ethics 

Lord! How higher is that the

Wisdom you gave to this world !

It reveals the mystical things and

Itself works in union with humans

Granting me an ensuing wisdom

Give the ingenuity unto me

To walk towards completion

Let wisdom stand with me forever

Oh’ Men ! Fear God alone

Everything else is empty

Miracles that we cannot see

He will do it in the blink of an eye

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