Songs of Praise - Part 2 (Glory to God)

“Holy”  “Holy”  “Holy”  is the

Heavenly Angels singing  praise

Loving devotees  will also praise

Lovable Name and Glory of God

The poor will prosper

      The enemies  will perish

The coward's heart will be strong

      The wicked will fall by the wayside

The hungry stomach is full

       The arrogant will survive the famine

The beggar has many blessings

       The stronger will become weak

He will sustain those who stumble

       He will exalt the lowly

The shrewd will be humbled

      The lips of boasting will be shut

Poor in the state of dust

       Is raised on the mound of fame.

Of those who cry in their  gloom

       The disgrace was all gone

The feet of those who trust HIM

     Will be defended unhindered

Wicked everyone in seconds

      Will be the prey for darkness

No one is almighty in strength

       Those who oppose HIM will suffer

The mighty warrior will rise

       The word of HIM will shoot arrow

Do not have arrogance in mind

      Do not brag in your speech

The Lord who knows the soul

      He is the one who realizes what exists

Do not boast of wealth

        Do not hauteur in prosperity

Wisdom will have pride over them

        Withstanding  are no others

He is the ocean of wisdom

       He is also the redemption of world

He is the abode of charity

       He is the one who measures the action

He will give life, break and destroy

     He will raise humble, remove arrogant

Even if a thousand people fall nearby

     The Lord will protect us emergent

Even if thousands oppose us

       Nothing  will approach us

Punishment for the dying wicked

      Perfectly  we will see picked

Harm and grief do not come close

      Harmful friendship does not join

Slyness and dispute will not surround

      Surrounding are the Angels of the Lord

Like a lion looking for prey,  those who

       Wander in search of pleasure!

If you want to arrive right destination

       Indeed Seek God and seek God first

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