Songs of Praise - Part 15 (Let your word fulfill us)

We kept our heart opened

Our minds are longing deepen  

To let your word come to us

O’  dear Lord, desirably bless  

To reign all our hearts 

To rule all our thoughts

To find out what ‘s your will

Send your word to us to fulfill 

To correct our behaviors

To improve our lives’ avers

To follow the laws and decrees 

Let us have your word in ease 

Word of the Lord has come

With life and peace in sum 

To make plausible mysteries

Send Thy word rushed in glories

To perpetuate the truth within

To avoid deception in talking

To speak clearly with wisdom

O’ my Lord!  Give us your term 

Without diverging from the way

Without having the sin and gray 

Without the plague approaching 

Protect us by your word’s coaching 

As your servant for will of yours

To live dedicating my life forever

And for renewing harmless world

We ask for you will give your word

Every word of you creates new one

Eventually it will truly give us lifespan

It’ll guide us in this life N next birth 

It’ll shape us to do our work worth  

Finding your steadfast love each morning

In every noon, your grace we are seeing 

Feeling Thy promise fulfillment in evening 

As strong as mountain you makes enduring 

Until it is finishing its work 

Your holy word itself lurk 

Will not come back to you

Will not leave the world too

Seasons and times can change a lot

The viewing scene may be also lost

The Earth and The Sun may disappear

But, your word will be lasting forever 

Let your word be filled in us 

To achieve the right benefits 

To maintain purity in our tongue 

Let your word live with us among  

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