Songs of Praise - Part 14 (Peace of mind)

O’  Mind! You will be quiet   I say a secret that you  collect  The one who sees you every day Won’t  let you wander as stray  It was not you who created you It was nothing created by you Then, why these confusions are   When the Creator makes all  What did you bring along? How many will you belong? Even after you know it Why you are still upset? Thing you worried about went wrong? Troubled  grief whatever is so long?   Has the transformation reformed? Have it made any evil that harmed You have a lot of fears one by one You realized nothing true anyone  You felt that there was nothing trivial Then, Why did you wither in dull? When thinking it is a trial  Are you going to be tired? Thru you all the good deeds  The Creator has made these Fainting on seeing failures Don't weaken as troubles  Taking it as a challenge in tone  Make them all as winning stone All those who betray for luxury Throw away from the memory Traitors will be tormented in a time Thus, you will boldly confront them  The more that you anticipated  The more you will get frustrated   Accepting whatever the upcoming As simply , show your thumbing  To those who chaff in ostentation Try not to compete in provocation  In the gaining of more wisdom  Indeed, forever  make your fame  Those who laughed teasing in brag  Take them not even as your slag   Considering their words in order Crush not yourself in the horror  “Where is peace”  you said  Why do you seek it outside?  That sense is within you Knowing will change you If you serve work in tautness “Immature” is the significance  To avoid the state of fuss Take away the error yours When frustration chases you  Won’t  think perversely  too To protect you with love N care The Lord exists that you aware  Even if solitude will pursuit you Ever do not mourn alone groove  You have a sweet relationship You know that the Lord is himself  Although the loss is debilitating You will behave with confidence Even if the law stands unfair Endure and submit to the Lord Get not depressed on inferiority   Grasp those people are in poverty  Giver of life is none other than Lord Getting all in life is not by own valor  Don’t be resentful  seeing the wicked  Don’t get annoyed seeing the crooked  Treasure of greedy N niggards will go To the poor is the writing of the God   Seeking for the change in the World Strain not to change the people sod  Make the change in yourself first The Lord will take care of the rest You wear love as your clothing  You keep to the Lord everything  Wrath that melts bones of me   Why is to be kept inside free? If the forgiver rebukes for mistake  Is there any refuge  you will take  You will tolerate as the Lord Yet another’s error and word    Keep the peace in you O’ mind! Keep everything before the Lord Don’t carry burdensome thoughts I want you to live happily in health 

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