Songs of Praise - Part 13 (New Psalm)

To praise the Lord is my hymn

I will compose a new psalm

In thought of the glory of Him

It’s  a loving song on the King

I will sing along in nature

I will bless Him in culture 

Whatever all impossible deed

I will always say what He did

He’s  the one who dressed majesty

He’s full of magnificence and mighty

He’s the one who rules all the rulings 

Though, The one who loves everything

He is the glorious King of Peace

For knowledge He is the source  

He is the purest to root out wicked

He is the supporter for the deprived 

The Lord who delivers is the savior 

The benefactor who hears for prayer

He is the Judge who destroys evils 

He is the chief who gives to our wills 

He is the graceful ocean of dear

He is the greatest ocean of power 

High mountain that likes righteous 

He is the heavy rain of kindness 

He is more than the land that bears 

He is the glorious in rising grandeurs 

He is who creates from the emptiness 

He is good to love even the doubters 

He is the abode of sense

He is the light of the Suns   

He is the joy of the mind

He is the serenity of acumen

He pierces thoughts and knows

He will appear in all true loves

He knows not men in appearance 

He knows nothing in deception 

To those who are good and bad 

He is the hero giving only good

Without any division of ignorant 

He is ocean of teaching education

The light that removes darkness

He is the way for life in dimness 

He is the sea full of grace 

Gives  comfort and  cares

He always conceals His majesty

He knows the human’s mortality 

Invisible God to eyes is His nature

Indiscernible brightness is cloture 

He is full of fearful prominence 

He is full of immense pureness 

He’s having the fearsome hosts 

The one dressed with the light 

Indeed All men are of emptiness

As bubble in weighing completeness 

As He knows this,  having compassion 

Even for wrong man, shows tolerance 

Though the mind is broken shattered

He encourages  N’  comforts the tattered 

All the minds without any stealth 

He always protects with health 

And in the state of unstable life

He gives us peace of mind rife 

Like the silent deep  seas

Heals our mind in peace

He’s beyond our thought

He has no one in equivalent 

All of the innumerable creature

Are preserved by Him forever 

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