Songs of Praise - Part 12 (God is my redeemer)

I raise my heart towards Thee

Lord!  Gracefully look at me 

I believe in you in the most

I ‘m kept safe in you N Thy host   

Don't make me feel abashed

Don’t let my enemies laughed

Those who truly believe in you

Threatened not to shame too  

Anyone who treacherously betrays

Always will be ashamed  in strays 

Let my heart know your path

Lead me  in virtuous ways forth 

Redeemer  God  you are to me 

Trust always  I have in Thee

Your kindness and steadfast love

Are perpetually enduring glow    

The iniquities of my youth and 

The errors till I did, do not mind

Considering me in your grace 

Create a life for me as you please

Lord!  You are good and righteous

So,  You show the ways virtuous 

There is no one disliked by Thee  

You treat the wicked and the meek 

Lord!  the ways of those who  truly 

Love your covenant and decrees      

Are contently filled by love and truth  

All they walk firmly in ways as youth 

Even our guilt is huge, forget them 

Forgive us for the sake of Thy name 

To those who fear in your name 

Teaching You will be the finest pave

They will live healthy

They will own the country

You give the right to relate with Thee

 You’ll divulge the covenant by Thee

My eyes are always on you the Lord

My feet are released from the cord 

Have your mercy on me looking at 

How’re  I’m deserted and dejected  

My pain was growing inside me

Relieve, looking the suffering of me 

Finding my shame and my gloom 

Forgive me for all my sins doom 

How many of my enemies have grown

How they disgust me is much cruel 

Lord! Save and liberate my life

Let me not be embarrassed rive  

Since I’ve taken refuge in the Lord

Truth and honesty will be my fort 

I always keep my trust in you 

Lord, remove all harms in me too

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