Songs of Praise - Part 11 (Lord knows me)

You know examining me

You know Lord entirely

My leaning and getting up,

My thought too are known up

Walking, lying down and my sleeping

Whatever You know the ways I’m going 

Before words come out from entrance 

Better  You know that from a distance

Surrounding me back and forth

Sustain me inside your hands both 

For me your knowledge of me is 

Fabulous to come to know this 

It’s  classic and beyond impression

Indeed,  the thought of the Highness 

How much more than me

You know everywhere.

Where I can run away from the 

Whereabouts you are contemporary 

How I can escape from the

Huge and mighty grace of Thee

Even if I flee to the sky I go

    You are there too!

Even if I make my bed in the depth 

     Have you seen me there

Even if I go to the boundary of the sun

Even if I will go living inside the ocean

And in all that you will lead me 

Hands of Thee will take care of me

Don’t really surround me the darkness?

Don’t cover me the popping blackness?

Even if I say that, darkness and gloom 

Ever will always be like bright to you

You, the one who set the organs within me

Who embodied in the womb of my mommy 

As you made me as marvel

Always  I will thank you well 

My mind  absolutely  knows

What an amazing deeds yours 

Even my bones are hidden not to Thee

I was created in depth secretly by Thee

Your eyes saw me in the fetal pole 

You marked my days before my role 

It’s hard to know your thought

It’s immense number to count

My Lord! Examine my mind

My all thoughts are to be tested

That I don’t go the ways you displeased 

Take me and lead me in the way pleased 

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