Songs of Praise - Part 10 (I will praise the Lord)

I will praise the Lord forever

In my tongue is always His revere 

I will vote for His magnificence 

In hearing this poor will rejoice 

I am proud to praise His name

Indeed,  Let's celebrate calm

Asked I begging for His help  

Almighty replied to my yelp 

Fears many surrounded me

From all, the Lord delivered me

Shined are those who look at Him

Shy not their faces but cheer at Him

This poor man called the Lord 

Thus heard my prayer is the God

He answered my call on listening  

He removed the pains everything.

Those who live in fear of the Lord

The Angels will surround and guard.

Taste and feel how sweet the God is

Trust on HIM fully in all your deeds 

Blessed are those who dwell in Him

Blessed are they who praise His name

Will not they suffer even in tiny needs

Who those fear in the Almighty deeds

Lions feed their cubs to eat,  despite

Lying they may be in starvation yet

Will see no less benefits anywhere   - those 

Who seek the grace of Lord forever 

Come O’  Children I will speak

Curiously hear  what I sneak     

See the mighty deeds the Lord did

Sake of the Lord you fear in  deed

If you want pleasure in your life

If you wish to enjoy a long life

Remove all evil and wily word

Refrain from all dislikes by Lord

Eliminate all evil things besides 

Ever keep the wicked in distance 

Doing all the good things in wish  

Desire in long to deify life this 

The Lord sees the virtuous 

Thus He hears their petitions 

God is against the wicked in jury 

Goes destroying them in fury 

He’ll remove the grief of the upright 

He’ll always heal  the weak heart

He is nearer to those who are in 

Heart-broken  and will stand  in 

More harms that honesty will aspect

However,  them the Lord will protect 

Protected are the bones of righteous 

Protector will shield them continuous 

Evil doings of wicked will kill themselves 

Earned impunity those who hate the nobles

The servant of God will be preserved – In HIM

Those who kept their refuge redeemed 

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