Songs of Praise - Part 1 (God my strength)

I would have rejoiced in the Lord

        I have no shortage of want

The soul of mine is recovered

        The Lord filled it with great joy

He became my strength.

      So my heart will delight.

Even if someone opposes me,

       I will not fear of anything.

Because The Lord is my support,

      I will rest without any worries.

No matter what the risk I aspect,

      I do not see sorrow in my heart.

Tired soul too will merry,

     Because the Lord is my shepherd.

And also my heart will be calm,

     As in the presence of the Lord.

Accompanied during the tragedy,

      He lifted up me and kept in His hands.

Not the tired one is my Lord,

      Night and day He is protecting us.

Even if darkness joins the abyss,

       I am still not afraid.

Grace and mercy surround me

       Going is my joy  to  the house of the Lord.

Became a companion of helpless,

     He is also the enemy of the wicked.

The indelible will last everywhere in

      rich is HIS compassion.

He is full of justice and love

       He is infinite in HIS patience.

Being the beginning and the end,

      Become everything is my Lord

He is the light and the way of life,

     One who created everything.

With the comfort of calm souls,

     The calling voice will HE hear.

The strongest is my leader

      He will do mighty deeds.

He will remove all the pain

       He solaces us with desire

I will live in the shadow of Highness

      The abode is in HIM to me.

Towards His facial light,

      Going forward I will walk.

Lowered is my head in bowing

     Raised is my hands in devotion

Wearing HIS voice are my ears

     Wishing with praise is my lips       

In my full vocal sense  I  worship

      towards the God of Hosts

In the way to spread like fire

      I will quote HIS praise in pleasure

He is the giver of poetry

     What a joy is to sing

Accumulating hands belong to him

     The bending back is to honor him

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