Song of Praise - Part 16 (How can I thank you, God?)


How can I thank you?

I’m the boy who knows nothing

I want to say thanks to you in ton

God! For the good you have done

My thanks is not enough even for one

Millions is not equal to one you’ve done

You grabbed me from the empty

Chose me afore my forming in tummy

You lifted up me from a muddy abyss

You prepared me as your son in bliss

A wonderful father unforeseen and

A mother with lot your grace grand

You’ve created them to give to me

For that ever thankful to you I will be

You gave me sibling who’re delighting

Made a spouse with good understanding

Also granted a lovely child as a gift to prayer

Have too nurtured relationships larger

You are feeding us daily

Made us for residing lovely

You gave me everything I asked for

You made all unwanted to go far

You’ve adorned me by colorful attire

You designed with a splendid figure

You delivered me a good high learning

In me you’ve made abilities yearning

You raised my prestige in all works

You’ve multiplied mastery embark

Made me to show my honesty boldly

Guided me to do all my things clearly

When thoughts assaulted the mind

When displeasure pierces the heart

When the nets of fears trapped me

Without parting You traveled with me

Everything I have is given by you

The life, sould and the body are too

Clear knowledge and wisdom all

Created in me were by you whole

How many, how many benefits are

You completed into me as so far

To thank you for all that you did

Lifetime one is not enough indeed

Though, I will say many thanks to you

As much as I can in this life you knew

For the good still you’re going to do

I want to be born again to thank you

Millions of thanks I say to you

I will give myself as a gift to you

I will say your praise by the song

Is there anything else I can bring?

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