Prayer to Heavenly Father

Abba, our Father in the Heaven

We’re nothing but praising even

Holy is Thy name to adorations

Glory and majesty are affiliations

Let Thy kingdom come on Earth

Let Thy word to reign us forth

As Thy will are the laws of heaven,

Let them be the laws in Earth even.

Give the needs for life to everyone,

As all the needs of heaven are done.

Fill us with your spirit to follow Thee

Find our sins and reprimand us free

Grant us the wisdom and insight

To help those who need in our sight

We are the works of Thy hands,

Make us to be tied in Thy bands.

As Thee forgive us and our sins,

Bless us to forget others’ sins.

Don’t allow us to turn away

From the path, Thee array.

Give us good health in body,

Mind and soul to live happily.

Deliver us from all the evil,

For we will live a life peaceful.


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