Prayer for Forgiveness

Be sympathetic on me, Lord!

Keeping your steadfast love 

Without considering my doings 

Please accept me by pardoning 

I lived in a state of mind giggling  

I fell into the abyss sense boggling 

I made the merciful Lord to get annoyed

With my own iniquities and paranoid 

I know my sins are so great

My guilt presses on my pate

Soak all my sins and crimes

Lord! Please clean me,“grime” 

You chose me as your own son

But I fell into the mud and stain 

Oh my Shepherd! Forgive myself

Hereafter, accept me as a slave 

I got up and came to you

The whole story you know

I fall and scream before you

Tears fill up in my eyes too

I was against the Heaven 

Made mistakes and venom

In the yearnings of the World

Days many, I rejected you wild 

As a sheep that went astray

I was wandering without way

I rambled carrying the blame

Keep your compassion on me

Born in sin I was

Sinner I grew as

Not born in penance 

But was born in stains

I don’t forget the evil deeds

Evil is always before my eyes

I hated your commands trivially  

I’ve made many  mistakes boldly 

I’ve sinned against holiness

I used to go towards malicious 

I left from your sweetest love 

I come to you when I’m in low

Lord! According to my errors, Rebuke

Me and remove my sins and mistake 

Your Judgments are without guilt

Who can say that they tilt or wilt?

You desire want the truth inside

Fill me with light of soul stride  

Wash my heart as bright

Clean that as snow white

Delight me by your word

The mind will rejoice, Lord!

Flexible will be my shattered bone

Fiery heart will become cold zone 

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