Offerings from illegal earning is bribe to God? (Thought for the day)

He was a small trader. He was doing honest business in a simple way and duly paid taxes to the government genuinely. He saw other small traders coming after him suddenly coming forward. Something stirred in his thought. He began to show his work by praying, "God! If you make me richer and richer, I will give you a fifth of my earning to you as an offertory."  He made more than a hundred times a year by doing various tricks like counterfeit market, black money, tax fraud, hoarding, loan fraud. He gave what he owed to government officials and built support. Now, thinking of getting approval from God for all what he was doing, he went to the worship place year after year and paid a fifth of what he earned in cash or gold. Till this day the illicit income remains the same and he used to go to the worship place regularly and paid the gold and goods.

God never helped him to earn illegally. But he tries to bribe God to get rid of his sin. All that is created in this world belongs to the Lord.  So do not try to bribe the Lord with your offerings of income which came in the wrong way in the name of the Lord. The robber, the murderer, and illegal traders are all paying their tribute as gold today. Thus gold is stored and wasted in one place. Gold is a commodity that the poor cannot afford. In a situation, the women from poor family are unable to get married due to the very high price of it, when gold stored in various places without of it’s use. Moreover, due to gold imports, the foreign exchange of our country is affected. Many people hoard their savings and black money in gold.

“To do what is right and just     is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice.”  (Proverbs 21:3) “Better to be a nobody and yet have a servant     than pretend to be somebody and have no food.”  (Proverbs 12:9)

“நடுவு இன்றி நன் பொருள் வெஃகின்  குடிபொன்றிக் குற்றமும் ஆங்கே தரும்".( திருக்குறள் 171 ) Thirukkural meaning:  If a man departing from equity covet the property (of others), at that very time will his family be destroyed and guilt be incurred.

My Own Kurals “அழல்சுடு தகர்அவி உணவுவிரும் பாரவர் அவைநீக்கின் சாலப் பெற்”   Meaning:  God doeth not like the burnt sacrifice of lamb but HE mostly likes if we leave from evil ways which HE and and the society hate. “படைத்தவ    ரிகழும்   படைத்ததுப்  படைப்பின்  பசியுற்றார்   அகடு   காண்ப” Meaning:  The creator disgraces our sacrifices (which is HIS own creations) seeing the empty stomach of hunger people. 

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