O' Minds, Relax and be calm (Poetry)

O’ all broken hearts! You too       There is someone to love O’ mind that is looking for relief!       God is near, keep this belief

O’ withering hearts! HE is the One        who will heal all your wound. The peace you are looking for         God will give you much more 

O’  Broken souls! See The God       He knows you very broad  Does the Lord of Creation turn away To you to show compassion in a way?

O’ Fearful minds suffering of Heavy load within and thereof  Putting down all your burdens  Under the feet of God and lessen 

O’ soul full of troubles        Lay yourself humble Even if it comes as a short       Rely on the Lord's support

“Lost is my life as a drown sailor       As  I’ve seen many failures " Surrender to the feet of Lord  Who restores that hope lost  O’ All regretful souls Come to the Lord sole  He is the great supporter  Even if big grief, HE’ll scatter 

Although the beds of oceans tremble Even if lightning N' thunder are terrible  Although the mountain N' land shake We shouldn’t be afraid for God’s sake

Though the waves of the sea roared Despite the heavy flooding over head  Even if the body suffers of huge pain God, the right person will help in bane 

Not to be worried all Ye’ mind The Protector Lord sees us kind HE who cares these huge Spheres Won't resolve all your fears ?

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