Night Prayer (Poetry)

As the sun sets into the skies

In this time when dark arise 

As the moon appears N’ rounds

As like fireflies, the Stars around

Are twinkling incredibly in the sky

As the body worked gets tired to lie

As to see a new fresh day in next 

The night is bloomed as quiet just 

As today is a happy phase

As filled with God’s grace 

Given by you for that I thank

Before the Lord, I bow shank 

No shortage is to me today

A lot of good you did that I say

Boons many are come to me

With your love, blessed is me 

Completed Thy promised word

Complimented this day blessed 

My delighted mind  sings you

Exhausted body will praise too

In the prosperous life that I have

Your support is the safe haven        

By your radiant facial light

Blessed me to rise in height 

My heart is quiet as Deep Ocean 

You enhanced my abilities clean 

I feel better too on my burdens 

The situation becomes favorable

At this time of closing my eyelids 

Whatever the goodness you did 

My tongue will praise the Lord 

I’ll too sing my song with chord 

Your Angles throughout the night

Are to protect us relentlessly tight 

Without any harm touching us 

Your grace stays the night with us

Dissenting thoughts are to run away 

A good sleep that yields quiet allay 

Indeed You will give us this time 

Until the happy morning will chime 

To revive our body  a lovely snooze

To refresh thoughts a peaceful doze

To regulate our mind a good relaxation

To have peace of mind without tension

To see the dreams of divinity in sleep 

To make the depth in the deepest nap

By the comfort of You, the Daemon

Let us get them all until the dawn

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