My body as an Orchestra..... (Poetry)

To the Almighty God, my honey  I sing in the verbal of harmony With fervor a lot HIS fame  I’ll play the song by my frame 

I’ll sing Thy praise with melody Lord! As instrument is my body  Clapping the hands that moving  I’ll play beautiful steps of tuning 

By shaking my head left N right  I’ll proclaim Thy glory to write My language as music notes I’ll sing with my mouth in taste 

That’s the dance of the eyes  Like the tone of a harp plies  And the rustling of my lips  Will admire Thee as strips  

The sound of the breathing snout Will be like the sounds of a flute  The dance of the speaking dialect Will praise the proud of The Aristocrat

The flow of blood as vocals of life Will be singing songs as the fife   With the pitch, the nerves too Will tune the raising fame of you

All the bones that to lean  Will be like tambourine The heartbeat thuds rhythm  Will become a sound system

All the commands of the brain Is like the melody of accordion  The untiring breathe of mine  Will play music with twine 

Casing skin and muscle hums Will enjoy like beating drums  The grinding teeth are as chorus  Will sing the high praise yours

The movements of the legs Will be like instrument’s pegs  All that inner organs as cords  Of lyre tunes the glory Lord’s Just like the pitch and beats  Body N Soul are as music notes  Mind too will make songs truly  Praising the Lord’s name holy 

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