Morning Prayer (Poetry)

I wake up early in the morning

Amazing, this is too amazing

Saying all Praising to You

Starting this day I will do

In the dawn, by your gracious love 

On this new day you keep me alive 

In my age You added a fresh day 

You blessed it in a wonderful way

Thank you Lord for this day!

Bonding me with you today

Anchoring  onto Thy loveliness

I shall be filled by Thy kindness

All the worries of the past 

As a dream will be passed 

All fears that spread over 

As a chaff will be flown over 

The light of the Sun at dawn

Throws darkness and mourn 

The gloom of the servant's mind

Thy facial light will remove bind  

Throughout this day myself 

To be elated,  give me help 

You’ll protect me on day this 

 With grace, love with peace

As no deceit in my thought

As no poison in my talk 

Without guilt and the lie in me

Today with concern you lead me

All that arrogance and hauteur 

Abolish to leave me as humble 

Fires of my fury will be turned off 

You will bless me to live unruffled 

With me throughout the day

You guide me and run my way

Indeed, you bless me larger 

Extend the existing border

By thy righteous hands in my work 

Bless everything to shine with perk 

Heal my body and mind 

Higher you lift me refined 

All that pains you’ll exclude in my way

Threatening plague you’ll chase away

You’ll embrace me in the tests anything

You’ll make achievements in everything 

This day I hand me over to you 

Delightfully you accept me too

To spread Thy holy fame all over

Make me as your tool for ever 

Today I’ll rejoice and enjoy 

In glory, You’ll give me victory 

I’ll surrender to you in humble 

You’ll run me and my household 

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