Mind is not a trash box (Thought for the day)

A middle-aged man went to meet a clergyman. The Clergyman greeted him and asked "What's the matter?".  He replied "No one understands me. Brothers, sisters, wife and even children."  From then on, he went on to state histories of many years (blaming others) from his childhood until then.  The Clergyman, who listened to everything patiently, said, "Well, come with your wife in two days." "Guru, wife is not with me. I am alone."  The Clergyman understood and said, "Okay, I will stay in your house for three days and see if there is anything wrong at your house. Will it be okay?." He half-heartedly agreed.  The Clergyman  came to the man’s house with a big bundle. The man kept the house clean and tidy. The Clergyman opened his bundle and took his old clothes and old papers and books and spread them all over the room. The man brought breakfast, lunch, and dinner from nearby  small hotel restaurant to give to the Clergyman, and the Clergyman ate the same and put the empty parcels and food waste in the room. He also washed his hands in the room.  It was a great disappointment to the man who expected the Clergyman to do something for him. Since arriving the Clergyman had been doing nothing except eating, studying and sleeping. The whole room was littered. On top of this, the Clergyman asked the man to wash his clothes which made the man went to the peak of his anger. "Guru!  I have never done any work for anyone since I was a child till this time.  If I worked,  it would be only for myself. In these three days you gave me a job when I thought you would do something for me. You refused to even listen to my speech in these three days. You ruined my house." he shouted.

The Clergyman, quietly opened his mouth. "Son!  I have learned about you in these three days. How angry you are for trashing this room. You have filled your mind like a trash box with rubbish for years and years.  You have stored in your mind the faults of others such as hatred, hatred, envy, humility, arrogance, accusation for years. As for you, you want everyone to help you, to listen to you, to be submissive to you, but you refuse to do this to others. In this world, you love and believe yourself only.  Even if I give advice to you, you will not accept it. "  The Clergyman walked with his bundle silently. 

“1.Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire;     he breaks out against all sound judgment. 2.A fool takes no pleasure in understanding,     but only in expressing his opinion.”  (Proverbs 18:1-2)

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