Love Letter to God - Part 4

“The soul” is tormented poor woman I am Looking for my beloved lover My mind longing is fading Withered the mind of mine To impress the same, Will you Come my lover Whom I am searching As such this is my sobbing song O Dear! My Lover! Where did you run to? Why you allowed me to be withdrawn from love on me By the centered love of you Hugged me the one are you When I look for refuge- you Will not see Thy servant? When you looked for me with affection Blinded mind ran away without attention In the lust of bad doers In silence my mind dribs Those who spoke in honey words thus will criticize me in my sorrow Relying on the nemesis relationship I cried sobbing and sagging You see me from somewhere You know my longings Thoughts of you is my comfort to my mind which is longing Wherever I go Always remember you Here in my living too, feel Happy in thought of you Will you come to take me up - n I want you to hug me Like your dear jumping deer , Liked me to catch chasing? I am anguish not seeing you In thoughts I am grieving too If I see you, my breath separate In you it will be joined up

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