Love Letter to God - Part 3

“The soul” is a dying beautiful flower I am. Not knowing how to secrete honey-song T’s a sobbing song Oh my Lover! If I hear your language The forest will sing rhyme First One! When standing before you The whole moon will lose its beauty The sky will play tunes The Angel group will sing I will go tasteless every day If my Divine lover will speak not The melodic quill singing songs The sound of the wind pounding They will all announce with music That “I am yours and you are mine” Nothing to me as I am As you are being “I am the I am” I do not have anything for me I will be sitting on Thy feet If I'm falling due my mistakes It's always hot summer If I live in your shadow Indeed it’s a pleasant spring Yeah! Falling in love with you I am wandering here and there Giving a bounty loving kisses to me Grand me pleasure in heavenly life You will stand in my thought You will support me in any state For me, you are my breath and Feelings of me too in depth Even in the time of my slumber I will sing praises to you as remember I am eagerly waiting for days more as I need to see Thee in my dreams You stand as my soul and life You gave meaning as I live You have shaped me in your mould You smelled me on the forehead

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