Love letter to God - Part 2

“The soul” am I is

the shattered servant

Towards my majestic leader

this is a gloomy song

Beloved! In your love

bestow, I forgot myself

To join you as a servant

I rush without delay

Billions fell in love with you, to be

beneficed I was looking for it

You too accepting my love

Illuminate the light in my life

The One who never forsake and

The One who never diminish grace

When I am begging, to make my cognizance

warmth, Bless me with your benedictions

Leader! Embrace me

Your maid who bows

Though miseries come as a mountain

Trembled not I am as you maintain

I fell in love with you

I went sick in your love

It’s true that death is certain, however

It will be blessed to die leaning on Thy shoulder

I regret and my body suffered

I am a withered flower

For me it is poison elixir I drunk

for I left your proximity in spunk

Dear! Seeing my condition

Dry as mirage water Am I

So the slave who seeks you

Showering Thy love to tranquil

By the sight of the exhilarating me

My little tongue will sing poetry

Bored not is your mercy

Bear me and my vices

At the time I am alone

I feel lonely without you

Come to me as sweet one

Cuddle me in tight shut up Dear!

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