Love letter to God - Part 1

“The Soul”I am an orphan

terrible baby crying to you

“Mom “ would I call you

Murmuring song is this

Dear! My dearest breath

Lulling ocean of grace

You the King chosen me befor

You the ruler of Heaven and Earth

You will cradle me in your lap

You as father comfort me in shoulder

You feed and nourish me by your love

Yes!! I will rejoice singing unto Thee

Holding my hands you keep me

Bonding me with your love

Reproving once found my errors

You will warmth with nostalgia on me

I forgot the link of father and mother

I forgot the relationship of brothers

You are my permanent relationship

You are as mom I fell in love with you

I know not the word rain

I know not the technique of mind

As the shadow I will follow you

I practice walking after you

There is no clarity in the walk

There is no understanding in life

In the mercy of you the one created

I only do as much as can

In each of my crawling

I got courage from Thee

In the hour of mind worrying

is my strength your accepting

You showed the elixir of knowledge

You baptized me with beautiful name

Concentrated Wisdom I gain as

constantly You fed me along

I strayed into my life

Not knowing the way you are

Tears welled up in his eyes

I'm crying a lot screaming

Will you come to comfort me?

Will you see the heart seek you?

To praise you, my little mouth

to shine at your presence

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