Lord! You are everything to me

Lord! we're all yours

I am nothing without your grace

I am an blank writing-slate

Write what you want

I'm an empty vessel

Fill me to pour flowing

I'm a dry desert

Make me fertile to feed

I'm path damaged

Fix it and do me good

I'm a dark clay

Mold me as a fine crockery

I'm a dark room

Enlighten me to remove darkness

I am a fruitless tree

Bless me with many fruits

I'm a lonely child

Be my father N' mother

I am a moon without light

Make me a bright full moon

I'm a formless rock

Carve as a better sculpt

I am a colorless flower

Beautify me with color and smell

I am a creeper without strength

Strengthen me to crawl everywhere

I am not bright silver

Remove the stain on me

I'm an unclear mind

Give me pure wisdom

I'm a non-rainy cloud

I have to shower to wet the Earth

I am a book with errors

Print me with corrections

I'm a bird without wings

Make me fly to the sky

I am the fire without firewood

I have to spread everywhere in speed

I'm a music without tune

Play me giving rhythm 

I am a non-fertile land

Make me produce a lot

I'm a harp without strings

I have to play the music

I'm an unprotected furrow

Make a fence around me

I'm an ugly Bud

Put me in your garland

I'm a paddy-field without a crop

Multiply my produce in a lot

I'm a tasteless honey

Make me sweet and tasty

I'm a crowd-free stage 

I must fill with loud applause

I am a portrait without art

Draw me with attraction

I'm a headless body

Command me as a head

I am a phrase without elegance

Build me with proper meaning

I am an unused loom

Repair me to weave a new fabric

I am untested gold

Make me to glister by test

I'm a misguided ship

Guide me to reach the safe shore

I am a lamp without oil

Make me to give light

I am humanity without a woman

Bless me for giving birth 

I'm a flower without pollen

I need to secrete the desired honey

I am a language without letters

I have to sound in the entire worlds

I'm a house without a roof

Build like a fort

I'm an illiterate layman

Make me a tutor

I'm blind oculars without sight

I need to see the face of the creator

I am a pattern without lines

Design me with awesome design

An unresolved question I am

Answer best for " I am"

An unclear riddle I am

Keep me wise to be understood

I am an ear that does not hear

I need the knowledge to acquire

I'm an uncontrolled bull

Keep me under your control

I'm nothing without you.

Your love has no border

You will always support me

Staying with you, I'll be blessed.


"Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!” 

                                             1 Chronicles 4:10

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