Longing desire

I seek Thee O’  Lord

  in that longing I suffered

I pursue with lot of desires

  in that zeal I sing of criers

By my heart I relate with Thee

   believing the existence of Thee

I call Thee with the right you gave

   in my soul I find you whom I crave

I see Thy great grace in everything

   indeed without differences anything

By ignorance I forgot Thee – in that

     bummer alone I am moaning a lot

Thinking of Thee even I am in sleep

     though at tragedy  I love in deep

Glorifying Thee the Holy One  - “Thy

     guidance alone is my refuge”  I cry

Elegant most art Thee among all beauties

     Effulgent as grin as in my ocular it is

Thee alone rule our hearts as a King

     Triggering and enjoying me to sing

Thee art seeing the minds of people in

     that Thee laugh at what you’ve seen

I scream to Thee “The One & Only God”

     In that greeting I am rejoicing good

Thousand times I think and remember

     Thy feet wherein I cry to surrender

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