It's the charity of God (Thought for the Day)

James was a ninth grade student. He was the last one in everything in the class including studies and games. No teacher liked him. He often gets ridiculed by students. That was the school's annual day function. A huge Businessman was invited to preside over the ceremony.  James was compelled to do work in the function as a handyman. The businessman noticed James for a while and asked him to come and stand on the stage. Immediately his classmates and teachers started laughing. James stood on the stage in shame. After the award ceremony, the Businessman began his keynote address. "None of you know why I put this guy on stage. You make fun of him. The first thing is I will tell a story.  One day  I got out of the office in a car to pick up a huge foreign importer from the airport. The biggest order was waiting from him. He was the one who could expect everything to be right. More than halfway through the car heading towards the airport the car was repaired and I was extremely angry at the driver. If I did not go to the airport on time that big order would be abandoned by the buyer.  Luckily there was an auto mechanic shop a short distance away. The driver went there and inquired, only a little boy in the shop. "Dad will come in an hour." 

“Is there any other mechanic shop next? “ Asked  driver. He replied it was 6 Kms away from here. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, I called the boy. "Sir! I do not know anything about that. Let Dad come." The Boy said. Then by my compulsion, he started working. He finished work within twenty minutes and the car started brilliantly and I reached the airport on time. Thirty crore rupees order was also received. That guy is none other than this guy. He can earn two thousand rupees a day. Can You Do?

The second thing is, in the same school forty years ago, like this guy I was the one who was ridiculed by teachers and students. Today I am in front of you to preside over this school ceremony. "

This is how we live up mocking others based on their small faults. The one who earns the most is not intelligent. The low earner is not stupid. The Lord gives as suitable as to everyone. A chronic illness which was not even properly diagnosed by a high scholar Physician,   can be cured by a small Physician or by grandmother’s medicine. Giving many thousands to a well-educated doctor for pride we are finally cured in a hundred rupees medicine. Wealth, status, possessions, fame, and knowledge are all bestowed by God according to the individual, of course it is a charity by God.

Do not add stains to the glory of the Lord,  by exalting yourself and by insulting others.

Time will tell the truth.

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