I seek thy Grace O' Lord

Lord! my Lord! with tear

I beg Thy grace here

I worship in day and night

indeed I pray at Thy sight

Earth thee created and who

else knows the secret too

Birth of thy Creations that are

being the wonders forever

Laying the bridge between this

life and the next life, amidst

Claying the life of human being

Carting good and evil to see in

Thee art thyself testing my mind

thus when I sin, Thee reprimand

Even if my own path stumbles,

even if life changes its course

Being like a blossom blooming calmly

bulwark art Thee to save me firmly

Grace, Mercy Thee Ocean of wisdom

great love are Thee O’ Lord to come

in sense of eyes will flood with tears

Once to think Thee my soul fuses

Nothing is such that fate and skill

No thing happens without Thy will

Just like autumn the time leaves fallen

Just the days will be passed as stolen

All that saying “I am, Me and Mine”

will be silent in one day to be vain

Birth is a journey for us to procession

but how long it will be is Thy possession

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