I don’t have pure tongue to thank

This is something as an imaginary conversation between me and God

I am:

You have created countless lives

Why did you create me?

In me who was born as a dust

What did you find honorable?


To serve the purpose of creation

Everything created is good

The work of the creatures all

that will appear in seemly time

I am:

Father! Time is running out

My duty is what so that

Strangely I was looking

I will ask what the truth is


My Child! Time is mine

Ensuing period is already designed

I am the one who chose you “A Man”

I will make your ways in due course

I am:

I see all the faults and errors

I speak in the way to shame

I am the one who taunt other’s

In spite doing the same errors


Your sin I forgot

I never get anger aptly

In what tolerance are you

something you forgot this

I am:

Thou! Forgive me

I was needlessly livid

In presence of the Saviour

I still did my annoyance


In what context are you

To get angry for any reason

You’re in a position as you came

Why should you torment yourself ?

I am:

My Lord! I made a mistake

I blamed the situation to escape

Because I live in your own shadow

There is no need to repent

The good father who showed the way

And the mother who cares and loves

In various ways I look unto them

They are the precious gift of Thee!

Like the father’s humility and sacrifice

Like the mother's love and affection

Like the innocence of the infant child

All qualities I must be obtained

I don’t have pure tongue to thank

For you are doing so many good

Like a cow which cares its new born calf

More You protect me with care and love

You will teach everything you command

that need to be always in front of mind

Me too without cheaper qualities 

I must be refined as pure gold.

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