FAITH TO THE END (Thought For The Day)

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

A fisherman lived with his family in a coastal village. At night, he would board his boat and went out to sea with other fishermen to catch fish and sell them early in the morning. The fishermen who went with him with more fish, but he caught very few fish. Fishing had been declining for months and years. He and his family prayed to the Lord every day. Day by day incomes were declining and they were languishing in poverty. As there was higher the expenses in their life with low income, the higher was the debt.

Not knowing what to do, that night they prayed to the Lord. "Lord! I'm going to sea today. I need to get a lot of catching from today so that I can get out of my debt trouble and move on with our lives. Otherwise we will be poisoned and die with our family." After praying of the family, the fisherman went to sea as usual at night. There was a surprise. The other fishermen's boat were full of fish but there were only three fish in total in this fisherman's net.

The disgusted fisherman bought a bottle of poison on the way to home and returned home with the three fish. The family was deeply saddened and said, "God! How much we relied on you. But you deserted us." Cried and lamented. Then the fisherman gave his wife three fish and said, "Let's mix the poison with fish broth and eat it and die.". His wife took the fish to prepare. When cutting the fish she saw shiny stones falling from the stomachs of the fish. The wife also called the fisherman and showed him. He took them to his friends and came to know that they were precious stones.

Now he thought, "If I had sold those three fish to someone and then poisoned ourselves, I would have ruined not only my life but the lives of my family as well. God saved us in this situation."

This is how many people get tired of their faith in God and tend to destroy themselves. Only those who believe to the end will succeed

Biblical Quote:

"He who endures to the end will be saved"

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