Comments and Success (Thought for the day)

It was the first class for first-year students of postgraduate philosophy. One of the professors entered into the classroom and began to write the following on the blackboard. (+) x (+) = + (-) x (-) = + (+) x (-) = - (-) x (+) = - Students did not understand. Thinking that the math teacher had mistakenly entered our class, students screamed , “Sir! We are M.A. Philosophy Students”.  The professor laughed." I'm not a math teacher either. I am  the philosophy teacher. I wrote the method of our life. If positive-minded people criticize us positively, we are also straightforward. We are straight even if the negative ones criticize us negatively. We are not straight when negative people criticize us positively or when positive people criticize us negatively. So we need to correct ourselves. This is how our circle of friends, our understanding, our actions will be covered in this formula. "

The answer is correct even if you apply this formula to everything. The negative reviews of many negative human beings would have given us a positive inspiration. This is what we can learn from our lives and from the history of many achievers.

“Do not rebuke mockers or they will hate you;     rebuke the wise and they will love you.”   (Proverbs 9:8)

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”  (Romans 12:21)

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