Comfort me O' Lord

The Earth itself always bears the digger with love

Thy heart endures me whatever the flaws I do

Even if I cry, Thy hand will comfort

Even if I am happy, it is in Thy fort

I am still alive because of Thee even

If I forget Thee and Thy glory in heaven

My heart is not content without Thee Almighty

Mine is one of billions of petals fallen in feet of Thee

On feast day my heart is Thy house singing holy chants

Our divinity will get life in the holiness of thy thoughts

The ray of Thy holy face is the one pick me up when

the worldly desires and greediness  stumbled stun

You are the one who afflicted when I am in distress

Yet I ‘m not strong and have no refuge than thy firmness

The time to come is in your lap

The life too is in your lap and I am in your presence

Thy will is my treasure which makes me delight

Thy word is my strength which makes me right

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