Blessed is the blessed for ever

My Lord! my God! All that blessed are blessed for ever.

Bless the work of my hand So, I’ll do all my works grand Bless the word of my mouth So, I’ll speak to others to soothe

Bless the path of my walk So, I’ll find nothing to block Bless the sense of my mind So, all my acts will be refined

Bless the sight of my eyes For good and evil it will apprise Bless the spirit of my soul So, it will not go to sheol

Bless the thought of my heart From your way it mustn’t go apart Bless my wisdom and knowledge So, all Thy will I can acknowledge

Bless the reach of my ears To hear all that make cheers Bless the knees of my legs stoop To worship Thee, they’ll swoop Bless the head of my body It’ll bow to Thee but nobody Bless my father and mother They guide me not to bother

Bless my brothers and sisters They buoyed when I’m blistered Bless my spouse and kid So, I’ll see my duties N’ rid

Bless my supporters and kins So, they will relish in my wins Bless my teachers and advisors They taught the ways of wisers

Bless my friends and neighbor Through them I learned labour Bless my teasers and my traitors They teach me not to do to others

Bless my enemies and my hater For I realise the love of my Creator Bless my house and locality In that, we will perceive unity

Bless our City and our State So that they will flourish great Bless our Leaders and Nation So they’ll make citizens elation

Bless the World and the Nature Benefits of it are to all the creatures

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