An Endless Journey to learn

Updated: May 8

We can get good lessons and good experiences from many places. You can get a lot out of it especially on journeys. Train journeys will teach you the most useful and interesting things. Even longer travel is an opportunity to meet a wide variety of people. It is an adventure to ride in unreserved train coaches and compartments in densely populated, economically disproportionate and developing countries like India and Bangladesh. During many of the holiday seasons, everyone who travels in unreserved compartments needs to play a circus until they get off at their destination. During the twelve-hour journey, people would have been stuffed across those train carriages, unable to sleep and unable to stand or move. Even in the narrowest luggage berth, many people had been achieving sleeping on it which is more or less one foot in length.The crowds were filled the coach up to the toilet and especially the labours from North India travelled sitting in the toilet. A thought would come “What a horrible this is!”.

I had also traveled as a passenger on some of these train journeys. People were packed one among bundles they travelled, sorry, were carried away. Carrying burdens in their hands and worries in their minds, many poor people spend their lives on that train journey. Everyone will have different stories of tragedy.When seeing the situation of the people who travel in this unreserved coach with family including children, the elderly people and the family, our mind would like to say, "Alas! Why was I born in such a country?" Seem to think that. "Are the facilities and opportunities in this country is only for the rich and the ruling class? While the enjoyers are enjoying themselves, Are the poor and the laity the third class citizens who are not eligible to live?".Like that many thoughts of socialism would be arisen during the journeys. More and more crowds were onboarding further at each station. Even that small gap around us inch by inch would disappear. During that twelve-hour journey, some controversies over space occupying, many discussions about politics, cinema, and everyday life and about the family situation had been falling into the ears. Moreover, the murmurs of the old people and the poor men would make tears flowing from our eyes and pierced the sword into our heart. The grievances of the North Indian workers who come with their families in search of work can be understood beyond their incomprehensible language.

Those very few train coaches carried many people such as young widow with a child in her arms, children abandoned by her parents, laborers and graduates in search of jobs and farmers who left from their agriculture work going to find wage labor in the city. Among others, some are older parents who worked hard, worked in field, educated their children, and later were insulted and drove out by their children from their houses and travelled to find a wage labor in the city as they were practiced to do hard work rather than depending on any other sources like asylum. A craving would come frequently, If the ruling class in any one of their days experience this journey, this situation will not last any longer. Carrying the mind-boggling stories of so many people, the train travels. Those trips will teach us the lesson of how many lower class people suffer more than we do. It also will insist us for thanking the Lord for all what we have and what we enjoy.

If we look at the richer than us,

Our stomach will burn;

If we look at the poorer than us,

Our mind will learn.

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