Am I capable indeed ?

God, Do I deserve it? Even me you select What a many benefits did you do Lord, how much you raised me too!

Not only wonders for me you did,   Which You’ve the desire to spread  Lord, You think that even it is lighter   What you did to the man in the litter

Many more will be doing it for me And the house of your servant to be  Itself specialized by Thy blessings That is your promise and willing 

What can I say O’ Lord to Thee On the concern you have on me  You,  the High Most respect me Yet more and more in every plea 

When the men who are like dust  Themselves treat me as trivial just  When I am nothing before Thee  Is it right – You’re treating high me  

Am I capable indeed,   To me that all you did Even more than being To do is Thy great willing 

Is there anyone like you? Is there any God than you? For those who fear to Thee You’re the one shows mercy

For Thy people, Israelites are  To be your people forever You’ve saved by Thy mighty hand  And You’ve given them own land

Lord, please ensure to bless  Your servant and his house All that blessed by you, are  Blessed for ever and ever 

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