All your works praise you Lord


All of your works

Are to sing your praises

The awe-inspiring Universe,

The Cosmic and the milky-way

And efficient Solar system - in which

All orbiting planets praise you

Sky, the Earth and the stars

Thy astonishing celestial expanse

Other celestial wonders and meteors

wonder Thy creation and praise you

The energetic Sun and also

the Moon in the sky which

creeps dancing in its ride

compliment Thy holy pride

Groups of clouds floating in sky

glorify the extension majesty Thy

Lovely rainfall that abates the heat

lauds the grace of Thee, the potentate

Our home planet Earth and

open biosphere above the land

The wind that gave you too

truly will always worship you

Broad Oceans and the cover land

bulky hills, high mountains and 

Mellow breeze N nature-source 

mostly honor singing Thy grace

Jungles, highlands and deep valley

Groves dense with trees and Prairie 

Flowing rivers N’ falling waterfalls are 

failing not to give a melody to Creator

Rich farmlands, fields and gardens

rather arid deserts and oasis hardens 

Natural resources attracting mind

nicely play the music on Thy kind

Fruiting trees and the cooling ones

feeding plants and the creepers tons

Wheeling seasons, weather N climate

worship Thy name with praise in great

Spring, chilling winter, hot summer 

Sky’s blessing, rainy season more  

Breeze winding and autumn too

bless Thy highness with gratitude 

Thy messengers,  fire and storm

Thunders, lightning and stream 

Tremors, quakes and volcanoes 

Tides within its limit manifestoes 

Pollen scented flowers, its  

pleasant colourful petals bits 

Healing herbals on consumption

hail the beauty of Thy completion

Charming green lawn and plants 

categories and species in slants

Productive food crops that cherishes

Praise Thee, The one who did those

Awesome birds flying in the sky

and the colourful ones those fly

Bugs which wobbling in honey

bees also praise the Almighty 

Kinds of jumping deer N’ peafowls 

kinds those spread colourful feathers 

kinds of parrot that cooing troop 

“Kindest” is Thee – say in group 

Lion that roaring and fierce tiger

Leopard, cheetah n’ types of liger 

Wild animals that wandering kin 

worship Thee, their Creator in 

Home-grown pets N’ stray ones

household cattle and slave ones

Reptiles that crawling, animals

raging to flesh, sharp-eyed eagles 

Fish that swim in the water

fine aquatic organisms rover 

Life-killing microorganism

Life-giving natural organisms

Amphibians, red-beaked swan

An ultimate high creation, man

Newborn growing in lap

Neonates groomed to lisp  

Children and the teenagers 

Chasing middle and old agers 

As the ruling monarchy with sceptre

As the leaders in power and commoner


All of your works

Are to sing your praises

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