A new emerging man..... (Poetry)

Thousands of doors I banged To open no one I found I shook my head to others  Nothing was ensued either

Many of the men I sought No justice was that I got  I contended in vain for many In spite, suffered is my body 

T’s all my knowledge N’ skills  I boasted myself such as wills   The disability itself as my defect  The mind didn’t want to accept 

After shaken and forsaken  I understood that God is everything! Any life in its limit exceeded  One day it will be exhausted 

The Lord is the one who gave life It is God  the one who makes us live Eliminating sins of generations  It is God who gives us existence

There were days many in glee    I conceit that everything is by me Realizing that I am nothing  I know the Lord is everything

Time has taught to me All things past will be  The show the men display  Is just a juggling role in play 

From the birth to the death Life also belongs to the Lord Granting all throughout life The giver is the Lord Himself

Of myself and of others  I stood lost all days errs  I wandered in days many  To seek the words honey

Time has taught many things But, God alone is everything This vessel is due this spell To feel reaching the goal 

How many days and year Nothing stroke me to aware  Such a huge benefits I have Are all that the Lord gave 

Many days in futile I spent I rejoiced in vain argument Destroyed all chances I had To sing the praises of the Lord

Even I felt after time was void  This is too the will of the Lord That situation will not carry on I threw lost all old marathon

Now too myself, I am cleared  To seek, run and reach the Lord I hide myself from the site of sin  I stand  behind the Holy reign 

Enemies don’t stand before me Because of the Lord before me Scattered and run will be as dust  Afore the verdict of  the King of Just 

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